Kevin - Map making

Seed team:
Kevin Bau
Lori Thomas
Eric Steinlauf
Alex Gould

Seed ideas:
  • (History/Social Studies): Create a lesson where kids learn how to use some portion of a geographical map, highlight/color in specific countries (or states or regions), and have their own data (which can be from their own google spreadsheet) pop up when the mouse is over a particular country. The hope is that when a typical high school student decides to do a presentation on the refugees fleeing Syria, she can use a map to better explain why certain adjacent countries are more impacted than others, instead of just resorting to the usual bar graphs (no offense to bar graphs, which are awesome).
    • Certainly, want to be able to use pre-existing maps that are out there, but it'd be neat for kids to be able to create their own maps. Is this possible while still making it achievable for kids with limiting coding experience, without taking away too much of the coding experience?
  • (Math): Create a lesson where kids program a "cannon" game, trying to hit a target by entering in the equation of a parabola. Reinforces lessons with quadratics (algebra) and, in making the graph of a projectile, coding (loops).